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Greetings from Coupeville!

Posted on June 12, 2016
What a wild Spring we've had here on Whidbey Island!  Limited inventory of homes for sale has created a shortage of rental housing, as landlords have opted to become sellers.  
Prices have risen fairly quickly, and we've seen some multiple offers here, especially with homes priced in the lower and low middle ranges.  Luxury homes have been selling, too!
Yesterday's Ebey's Reserve "Film Slam", where entrants had 50 hours to film, edit, add music and credits to a homegrown film done as a "love letter" to our beautiful Reserve landscapes, was a blast!  Last month's Water Festival was a chance for Coupeville to host tribal canoe races, as well as a main stage with beautiful native music, dancing and drumming.  Mussel Fest in March was bustling even though in drizzled a bit on Sunday, but everyone still had a great time.  Front Street Realty was happy to sponsor the kid's fishing activity on Gillespie's Livery Pier, as well as one of the Water Festival canoe races.  Love being part of this super community.  Coming up are the Arts and Craft Festival in August, and the Kite Festival in September.  Lots to see and do here, always!
Peonies have been in peak bloom, so I've been loving giving away bouquets to my wonderful clients as they pop into the office to say hello.  Being right out on over the water in Coupeville's historic waterfront district means I get to see lots of folks, hear many languages being spoken, and marvel about how many ice cream cones from Kapaw's are being devoured happily.
The tides have been quite low, and beach walks and clamming seem to have been keeping visitors and locals busy.  In fact, I think I am overdue for a nice long beach walk myself!
Happy to live on this beautiful Island, and be able to help others find the perfect place to call home, too!
See you soon! 

Kites, Bikes, Oysters, Farm Tour

Posted on September 19, 2013
SO much is going on this weekend in Coupeville, and the weather at present is so lovely it doesn't matter that things are a bit sleepy mid-week.
This weekend is the Farm Tour, and Sarah of Lavender Wind Farm will have a stop at her new downtown Coupeville location, Linda and Val will be showing off Rosehip Farm on Fort Casey Road, and Kim & Jerry of Mile Post 19 Farm will be open selling their raspberry products, as just a few of the great offerings.
Tour de Whidbey will be bringing lots of cyclists for a fall ride with amazing scenery, and the Kite Festival held at Camp Casey will delight young and old alike. 
A new event, on the heels of last weekend's Art of the Boat Festival, is the Oysterfest.  Hooking on to the Oyster Run that has hundreds of leather-clad motorcyclists cruising to stops in Conway, Edison, Anacortes and the like, Front Street Grill, Penn Cove Shellfish, the Coupeville Chamber, Coupe's Last Stand (for those who prefer brats to bivalves), will be working hard on Sunday from 11 to 5 to bring music, motorcyles and oysters into the spotlight.  Saturday night is a special dinner and music at the Rec Hall at Alexander and Coveland, tickets available at the Chamber offices, bayleaf, and at the door, $35 per person.
So, lots of reasons to be out and about in Coupeville this weekend!
Whatever you do, be sure to stop and enjoy the last of the floral season at one of our sweet roadside "honor" stands.  Dahlias and sunflowers are still going strong, but the nip of fall in just around the corner. Of course maybe I'll just bump into you and give you a bouquet!  Great weekend to check out the Farmer's Market, too, Saturday in Coupeville, from 10-3.
Enjoy the coming weekend!

Happy summer!

Posted on August 24, 2013

Can you tell it's been busy here at Front Street Realty?  A good friend and client ribbed me a little the other day about not blogging much lately.  Even with the amazing David Donley assisting me full time this summer, I have been on the go with real estate!

So what's happening, new and exciting?  Well, sales have certainly been stepping up for our entire market, with days on market dropping, prices edging up a bit, despite rising interest rates, and pent up demand finally showing itself.

Buyers in all price ranges have been scooping up homes deemed to be good buys, and view, waterfront and upper end buyers have reappeared.

Not as much foreclosure property on the market, seems to me, and the short sales that are under contract seem to be dragging out even longer that usual, as though the banks are taking a "wait and see" approach. 

Home construction is underway again, nice to see, even if still a bit limited.  The remodel contractors are very busy, though, as folks make improvements to their homes.

The full moon over Penn Cove has been so lovely, as have the rose and peach-hued sunsets of late.  This summer was warmer and a touch dry.  Proof positive are the apricots harvested from one branch of the tree untouched by the neighborhood deer.  Must say I love the doe and her still-spotted twins, enjoy seeing them curled up among the feverfew blossoms, or in a nicely hidden spot along the fence by the kayaks.  Sweet little nibblers of most things green.  I have been told that peonies are not favored by deer, nor artichokes, and I found they truly do leave daffodils alone. 

Hope summer has been kind to all of you!

'Tis the Season!

Posted on April 2, 2013
Surely it is the season for Sellers to be primping their flower beds, putting finishing touches on their curb appeal, as they ready for the Buyers to come see their homes.  Interest rates are still so low, and as the market begins to shift and homes are being snapped up more quickly, prospective home owners and investors are deciding now is the time to buy.
'Tis the season, too, for realtors to be busy helping homeowners get their homes looking great and on the market at competitive prices, as well as helping folks wanting to buy get just the right home here on Whidbey Island.
It's been fun to field inquiries from as far away as Sweden, and as near as cross-town neighbors, and everyone feels positive about the market.
As Spring blossoms surround us, with the color and fragrance of daffodils, cherry blossoms, tulips, and the skies seem to be blue more and more, I've seen so many more smiling faces out and about, walking, gardening, beachcombing, or happily licking ice cream cones from Kapaw's on Front Street.
Babies are being born, farmers are working in their fields, Coupeville's Ledgewood Beach slide has been big news, and April Fool's Day has come and gone. 
Right now I am adoring being positively surrounded by bouquets of narcissus and daffodil blooms.  On my desk, outside my door, on the little table in front of my office, and even in my car...25 bunches of smile-inducing little gifts for those crossing my path today and tomorrow.  Come visit my office and you might very well be handed some! 
Many have asked me if I see real estate values rising this year, and I do.  Conservative estimates have been at about 3%, but for certain types of homes, in higher demand areas, I feel that it could be closer to 8%.  Days on market have been shortening for some homes, with some multiple offers and the sense that they might have still sold quickly at higher price.  One level living, views, in-town, prairie homes and land, starter and down-sizer homes have all been increasingly active.
I love living and working in Coupeville, here on Whidbey, and I love my work.  Let me know if I can be of service to you or those you care about. 
See you soon!

Loving Spring!

Posted on April 28, 2012
I love Spring!  Daily I seem to feel drawn to my favorite flower stands, to pick up an armload or bucketful of tulips, daffodils, narcissus blooms, and bestow them gladly upon friends, clients, neighbors at home and work.  Everywhere green is brighter, skies a bit bluer, and hummingbirds are flitting about. 
Today I saw lots of homes with a very nice couple, and once again had to stop and marvel at how many varied microclimates, gorgeous views, affordable homes and special places we have here on Whidbey.  A quick drive into Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens was rewarded with the sight of wildly colorful blooms nearly busting the seams of this special park.  Just go there and walk, rain or shine.

On the real estate front, it's been busy!  Lots of great new listings, on the market, almost all really priced quite competitively.  Buyers sense that the market has bottomed out a bit, and interest rates are still very good, so waiting seems a bit silly. For April, my little office has been really blessed with sales that feel more on pace for August.  My clients, both buyers and sellers, have been delighted!  Thanks to everyone who has made this Spring really amazing.  Bunches and bunches of flowers to you all!

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