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Water Festival! May 16, 2009

Posted on May 16, 2009
What a wonderful day for Coupeville's Annual Penn Cove Water Festival! 
It was so lovely to see friends out and about today.  People were listening to drumming, chants, the Shifty Sailors singing sea shanties and a violinist who talked about native traditions in his pauses between tunes.  Volunteers were selling t-shirts, helping children build boats or make native american themed crafts, helping things run smoothly.  Vendors had art, crafts, musical instruments, jewelry, bbq salmon, fry bread and more.
The merchants were happy, enjoying more browsers, shoppers and sales. 
The weather couldn't have been more cooperative.  I actually am sporting a bit of a sunburn after standing outside along the railing at Gillespie's Pier, where my office afforded a front row seat for the tribal canoe races.
The races were definitely the day's highlight, and ran from about 1pm 'til nearly 4.  I especially loved the women's races, and the youth teams.  The paddlers were swift and strong, and the photographers, including local panoramic specialist Denis Hill and the Whidbey Examiner's owner & editor Kasia were out snapping great shots.
The real estate market was, as always, a topic of conversation.  Many are interested in whether the seasonal turnaround has begun (it definitely has), where market values are, and how sales are in various price ranges.  Definitely buyers for higher end properties have continued to be elusive, but the mid-market buyers are stepping up to take advantage of peak inventories, lowered prices and great interest rates.  First time home buyers, as well as those who haven't owned in 3 years are being enticed by the $8000 tax credit as well as low interest rates. 
Actually have seen some fellow real estate agents smiling and enjoying some family time today!  That's a sure sign Whidbey Island's market slump is reversing.   Days like today make us feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous place, in a close-knit small community rich in history and fascinating traditions.       

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