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Happy summer!

Posted on August 24, 2013

Can you tell it's been busy here at Front Street Realty?  A good friend and client ribbed me a little the other day about not blogging much lately.  Even with the amazing David Donley assisting me full time this summer, I have been on the go with real estate!

So what's happening, new and exciting?  Well, sales have certainly been stepping up for our entire market, with days on market dropping, prices edging up a bit, despite rising interest rates, and pent up demand finally showing itself.

Buyers in all price ranges have been scooping up homes deemed to be good buys, and view, waterfront and upper end buyers have reappeared.

Not as much foreclosure property on the market, seems to me, and the short sales that are under contract seem to be dragging out even longer that usual, as though the banks are taking a "wait and see" approach. 

Home construction is underway again, nice to see, even if still a bit limited.  The remodel contractors are very busy, though, as folks make improvements to their homes.

The full moon over Penn Cove has been so lovely, as have the rose and peach-hued sunsets of late.  This summer was warmer and a touch dry.  Proof positive are the apricots harvested from one branch of the tree untouched by the neighborhood deer.  Must say I love the doe and her still-spotted twins, enjoy seeing them curled up among the feverfew blossoms, or in a nicely hidden spot along the fence by the kayaks.  Sweet little nibblers of most things green.  I have been told that peonies are not favored by deer, nor artichokes, and I found they truly do leave daffodils alone. 

Hope summer has been kind to all of you!

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